The Perfect Rump Steak

It was juicy and tender, medium and perfectly spiced… but where are my manners, let me start at the beginning..

I learnt how to light a braai perfectly this weekend! Apparently it works best on one of these webber braai stands, the round ones (do they make any others?)

So usually when you take the lid off, it has two grills in it, one below where the charcoal goes and one above where the charcoal goes

1. Take both grills off

2. At the bottom of the braai stand load about 6-8 pieces of blitz or firelighters

3. Light those pieces up

4. drop the first grill over

5. load the charcoal on

6. You’re good to go!

Will load a time lapse video of it when i get a chance..

Anyway, the fire was lit and the braai started and but of course the guys were playing a gruesome game of Mortal Kombat! Wow that game is graphic, for some reason though everyone still plays it!

The fire was perfect for the steak, which was as thick as one those steaks you would have at spur or somewhere like mikes kitchen. I didn’t do the braaing (I suck at it!) but hey one thing at a time, I learnt how to light the braai this weekend (i.e I took a video of it being done :))

Once the steak was on, I think even if you didn’t like your steak being cooked medium you would’ve ate it anyway! Once it was off the braai the knife slid through it like butter cutting it into smaller pieces like biltong!

You’re feeling for steak now, I know I am!