Apple opening South African office

Well its about time!

Apparently Apple used to have an office here years ago but they weren’t ready for so much awesomeness that South Africa offers they decided to rather use a distribution model..

Anyway, the news is out, no seriously its on the news, that Apple has opened up an office in South Africa. I just wonder though how they might approach this as at the moment Apples product is moved through the Core Group.

No doubt its a good thing that Apple is finally making some kind of investment in the market here, it must mean though that they see it as a big market, which could only mean their market share growing here..

However, I hope this also means that it would be a start to earlier product launches in our country rather then waiting months. According to news reports Apple will still be using the Core Group to handle their distribution but I am not sure how this will affect the products as a whole in terms of repairs and replacement.

At the moment Core Group seems to have their own warranty management systems in place by using the iCare Warranty cards which you can purchase when buying your device. I honestly feel that this is a little better because if your device breaks they just provide you with a new one, but with Apples normal warranty they fix the device for you (I could be wrong)..

Could this also be the start to bigger, fancier better stores? Should we be expecting Apple Genius Bars?

I think this will be the start of something new…